If you must cancel your reservation with us, submit your cancellation here. Follow the instructions on your booking confirmation, if you have booked through an external tour operator or any hotel booking site. The booking agent, tour operator or external booking service will confirm the cancellation and cancel your reservation.

Our cancellation fees (if not stated otherwise on your reservation):
Free if you cancel with a minimum of 2 days before check-in.
100% of total price if you cancel less than 2 days before check-in, if you do not show up or cancel on the same day of booked check-in or generally when you have booked a discounted offer.
Please read our Terms & Condition before your book with us.

Travel safely – Cancellation without costs:
To get replacements or to avoid financial loss in the event of a trip cancellation, we recommend to book a Travel Cancellation Insurance through our partner ERV.

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